The closing price for NTHEX on 3/5/2021 was 3.79

Your initial investment must be accompanied by a completed application The form can be obtained from the Trust’s website. You may purchase shares of the Trust at the per share net asset value (“NAV”) next determined after the Trust or an authorized broker or agent receives your purchase order. There is no sales charge or commission. The Trust computes net asset value per share by dividing the market value of all securities plus other assets, less liabilities, by the total number of shares outstanding. NAV is determined as of the close of the New York Stock Exchange on each day when it is open.

Before investing in the Trust – please read the prospectus.

How to buy shares

By Check

Mail your check and a completed application to the Trust. When adding to an existing account, send your check with an Invest-By-Mail form detached from your last statement. Make your check payable to: Northeast Investors Trust and mail to 125 High Street, Boston, MA, 02110.

By Telephone

You may make purchases to your already existing account via the telephone. The trade will be processed on the same day if received prior to the close of the New York Stock Exchange. A trade confirmation is generated and mailed the following business day. Your check or EFT payment must be received within 14 days of the transaction.


You may make purchases to your existing account via the web. Once you obtain online account access, you can trade shares of Northeast Investors Trust online. Payment for web purchases will be debited directly from your bank account via electronic funds transfer.



You may make purchases to your already existing account via electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your eligible bank account by utilizing the Automated Investment Plan (AIP) feature. Mail or fax to (617)742-5666 your completed AIP form obtained from the Trust’s website along with a voided check and the Trust will automatically purchase shares based on your desired schedule and amount.

* If you place an order to purchase shares and your payment is not received within 14 calendar days, your transaction will be canceled and you may be prohibited from placing orders in the future unless such orders are accompanied with check or EFT payment. You may also be responsible for any losses or fees the Trust may have incurred as a result. Telephone purchases may dilute the future appreciation of the NAV if payment is not made promptly.

Your purchase price

You buy shares at the Trust’s next determined NAV after Northeast Investors Trust receives your purchase request. As long as your request is received before the close of regular trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), generally 4 p.m., Eastern Time (ET), you will buy your shares at that day’s NAV. This is known as trade date.

When you place an order to buy shares, note the following:

  • The minimum initial investment in the Trust for each account is $1,000 ($500 for IRAs). There is no minimum for subsequent investments either by mail or telephone. The Trust, in its discretion, may waive or lower purchase minimums in certain circumstances (e.g. accounts opened with the proceeds of distributions from existing retirements accounts, accounts utilizing the AIP feature, etc.);
  • Checks must be drawn on U.S. banks and must be in U.S. dollars. Third party checks are not acceptable;
  • The Trust does not accept cash, money orders, starter checks or post-dated checks for payment of share purchases;
  • There is a $50,000 maximum for telephone purchases for individual investors. Net account payables resulting from telephone purchases outstanding at any one time cannot exceed this limit. This limit may not pertain to institutional accounts;
  • No cancellations. The Trust will not cancel any transaction at the request of an investor once it has been processed;
  • Future purchases. The Trust reserves the right to stop selling shares at any time, or reject specific purchase requests;
  • The Trust may reject initial investments if certain required information is not supplied on the new account application.
  • Under applicable anti-money laundering regulations and other federal regulations, purchase orders may be suspended, restricted or canceled and the monies withheld.

No specific election is required on the application to obtain telephone purchase privileges. The Trust will employ reasonable procedures, including requiring personal identification, prior to acting on telephone instructions to confirm that such instructions are genuine. If the Trust does not follow such procedures it may be liable for losses due to unauthorized or fraudulent instructions. Otherwise it will not be liable for following instructions communicated by telephone that it reasonably believes to be genuine.