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Why Invest in a Taxable Account?

Whether supplementing retirement savings, building an emergency fund, saving for education, or simply investing for near-term or future needs, an investment in a taxable, non-retirement account may make sense for you. Taxable accounts offer unlimited investment options allowing you diversify your portfolio to your choosing. And, unlike IRA accounts, there are no restrictions on accessing your money when you need it.

Types of Non-Retirement Investment Accounts

If you are seeking to invest in a non-retirement account, the following is a listing of accounts types available to you:

Individual or Joint Account

With an initial investment of $1,000, you can open an individual account or joint account with another person. These accounts can be used if you want to save or invest additional funds for something other than retirement.

Transfer on Death/Pay on Death

These accounts offer immediate disposition to your designated beneficiaries upon your death without the hassle of settling the asset through probate. (a separate beneficiary designation form is required)

UGMA/UTMA (Uniform Gift to Minors Account/Uniform Transfer to Minors Account)

These accounts are a great way to save for a child’s future, yet the funds do not have to be utilized specifically for college expenses.


Northeast Investors Trust may be suitable investment option for those looking to generate income in an existing personal trust.


Corporations, businesses, partnerships, estates, and limited liability companies are among the entities that may invest in Northeast Investors Trust.

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